About Us

We Are Not Just Another Agency

We Are The Agency for Rising Stars

One of the perks of working with a smaller agency instead of a large firm is dedication. When you choose to add our agency to your team of go-getters, you are choosing to work closely in collaboration with our team to have you, your business and your brand in the spotlight.

Our Branding Expertise

In order for you to get the sure footing you need to stand out in the marketplace, you need to have a brand that sets you apart from the rest. We are sticklers for authentic and timeless branding. With that said, we build brands from the ground up to ensure optimal attraction and sustainability.

Our Public Relations Authority

Before you start working with us, we can assure you that we already have a plan in works that will meet your needs. As the go-to agency for small business owners, entrepreneurs, personalities and growing brands, we pull all the strings we need to gain you trustworthy and earned media attention. Simply put, we don’t overpromise and under-deliver. We anticipate the excitement and execute on your vision to become a household name.


Our Story

It all started with a laptop, wifi and a vision...

Before we knew...

Our founder started freelancing as an income supplement and realized quickly that there was a demand to which she held a necessary supply of skills.

And then a shift happened

We launched in Huntsville, AL as a writing and editing company.

We added some spice

Along with writing and editing, we altered our business model canvas to include brand and business coaching with an emphasis on Public Relations and Digital Marketing.

Expansion is necessary..

We expanded our offices to our founder's home city of Atlanta, Ga and separated offerings and services into individual companies.

We became #1

Today, we have a core team, complementary sister companies, and a vast assortment of clients served..and the list continues to grow. Will you be one of our success stories?