Frequently Asked Questions

What is Public Relations and How Does it Work?

Public Relations is not a product, it is a service. It is the art of positioning a personality or brand in a manner that generates media excitement and adds credibility to the personality or brand. 

A Public Relations team or a Publicist generate media coverage for their clients as a means of public promotion and we help make your manager or agent’s job much easier. Your manager or agent focuses on negotiation deals for you, and we, your publicity team, focus on your exposure and reputation.

Is Public Relations the same as Advertising?

No. Publicity is free and advertisement costs.

Publicity is the art of creating buzz. Advertising is the art of paying for a buzz.

If you (or your team) pay for placement, you are advertising – not performing authentic public relations efforts.

Why are you now offering DIY, DWY and DFY services?

Oh, that’s an easy question. Affordability and Convenience.

Here is the deal. We understand that DFY (done for you) services are the most convenient and yield the fastest results, that’s why these type services are premium priced.

We decided to offer additional options (do it yourself and done with you) to extend across multiple budgets because we want everyone, regardless of where they are in business, to be able to get the help they need to bring awareness to their business and brand. We are here for you!