Here’s Our Summary of Public Relations (PR) in Five Sentences

Due to the mass digital distribution of content, it is becoming harder to learn the truth. Everyone has an idea or an opinion and it’s as if overnight, one person’s opinion becomes everyone’s truth.

Well, when it comes to our area of expertise, we have to raise a standard. We get it. People are confused about PR (public relations) and we have made it a part of our mission to life the confusion cloud. In this strategic article published by Forbes, Robert Wayne brings clarity to PR. We’ve summarized his main points based on our understanding and what we feel you need to know before looking to hire a PR team for your business and brand.

Here are the top five Public Relations explanations:

  1. Public Relations is the persuasion business.
  2. Public Relations is not advertising.
  3. Public relations is following the news or creating the news.
  4. Public Relations still works be it traditional or digital.
  5. Public Relations can be measured but it may be tough to do so.

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